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OFFLINE ART is “net art” project designed to distribute this kind of art into galleries. Up to the release of the OFFLINE ART project, it was only possible to see web- and net-art projects in Internet-cafés or your computer at home. With this project and the tiny device it utilizes, everything changes - for the artist even for the vistor.

We provided technical assistance for Aram Bartholl and tried to create a modified OpenWrt software, which makes the customization //as easy as possible// for the artist. All relevant configuration whas moved to text-files on an attached USB Stick including the artistic computerfiles, i.e. pictures, videos, text-files…

By using the USB Stick, the artist can place art and configure the hardware within a couple of minutes. Every artist got a pre-prepared device, including the customized OFFLINE ART firmware. After booting up the tiny router, a wifi network appears, which the artist has the option to name. In this first exhibition, each wifi network was based on the art it included.


Every visitor was able to see a list of presenting artists through their smartphone, and was able to see the art with his own device at the gallery - without requiring a normal computer.

It is possible to order pre-installed OFFLINEART-devices, please contact us under office(at)

The pictures at this page are owned by Aram Bartholl and are licenced under [Creative Commons license by-nc-sa 3.0] (HTTP://