KnightFoundation is funding LibraryBox

Knight Foundation picture

This year the Knight Foundation decided to grant projects around the topic “Libraries & Technology” and one of the picked is LibraryBox. Beside the LibraryBox project, another project, called Dewey, is funded that uses PirateBox/LibraryBox in the background.

In my opinion it is amazing how the LibraryBox-project develops, which is mostly the result of a very consequent and persistent work of Jason Griffey.

With this grant the LibraryBox project targets the release version 2.1 including the following new features:

  • Multi-language support of the GUI
  • Clean and easier upgrade path
  • More responsive design at the directory listing
  • RaspberryPi support

I’m glad to support Jason with some development work to get the version 2.1 ready to run.

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