PirateBox 2014 - Lille

Hackerspace picture

This year I was able to sponsor with hardware and attend the PirateBoxCamp 2014 like last year, beside the important fact that the camp took place in Lille(FR) - LaCoroutine. LaCoroutine is a Co-Working space and offered us the location and some sort of catering.

Instead of having a bunch of talks we stripped down the agend to only a few overview and update talks. The team and the audience was happy to have several workgroups already on the first day hacking, testing and developing ideas around the PirateBox.

other nice picture

At the end of sunday, we had around 25 visitors sitting together and discuss about social implications of projects like PirateBox.

Special thanks to all organisators and LaCorouting to be our host.

Pictures are licenced under CC-3.0 share alike, taken from piratebox.cc